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Illumiti – Realize your Vision

Illumiti is a Systems Integration and Management Consulting company and a platinum SAP Partner. We are committed to working hand-in-hand with our customers to help them realize their vision by leveraging technology, people, and leading business practices.

Illumiti helps its clients achieve optimized operations in the key areas at the core of their business, by implementing custom-fit SAP® systems and other solutions faster, at a lower cost, and at a lower risk than other alternatives.

We focus on you, the customer. Driving bottom-line performance depends on optimized operations where reliable & accessible information enables informed actions. We find innovative solutions to your business challenges and demonstrate agility in service delivery, to do what makes the most sense for your organization.


Our Recipe for Success

Great People: With an average of 10 years of SAP implementation experience, our team of SAP consultants have the depth of knowledge clients need to implement best practices. With Illumiti you will never be the victim of “learning on the job” by new consultants or find “new talent” injected into your project because of a need to reassign an “A-team” consultant someplace else.

Unparallelled customer service: We take great pride in providing outstanding customer service to all of our customers. We know that a new implementation can be a daunting prospect for many organizations and are committed to making it a smooth and uneventful process.

Strong Methodology: Our implementation process uses Geoffrey Moore’s Core/Context principles to focus our team on the areas of greatest importance to our clients. SAP implementations can be complex. We simplify the process and focus on key area – thereby minimizing risk and maximizing our client’s return on investment.

Leading Best Practices: Our team leverages best practices, pre-built tools, templates and proven industry solutions to help our clients get the most out of their SAP technology. As part of this commitment, we have built accelerator solutions for several industries. We also recently established the Illumiti Centre for Innovation & Enablement, to drive new solutions in Business Intelligence, HANA, and Mobility.

“Our success comes from our constant focus on customer satisfaction and responsiveness. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations with every project or assignment that we undertake.”

Nir Orbach, Chief Executive Officer, Illumiti

Our SAP Partner Products and Services

SAP Software: At Illumiti, we have a track-record of success helping our clients leverage the power of SAP to strengthen their business operations and build competitive advantage. Through SAP software solutions, we help our clients build the robust business management, business intelligence (BI), information management, and performance management functionality they need to power their business from end-to-end, streamline their operations, and improve visibility into their business.

SAP Services: Illumiti’s comprehensive assessment capabilities and our superior knowledge of SAP® technology, ensures that our clients receive the best solutions for their business needs. From initial project scoping to ongoing development and training, we build strong relationships with our client teams to develop a clear understanding of their objectives and help deliver exceptional results.

Track Record of Success as an SAP Partner

Illumiti serves more than 190 customers across a multitude of industry sectors and locations. From its founding in 2000 to the end of 2014, Illumiti has completed more than 100 successful implementations at small, midsized, and large enterprises. Whether it’s a first time Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Information Technology initiative, a merger & acquisition related project, a drive to propel a business to best-in-class performance, or a system roll-out to other business divisions or countries, Illumiti does it faster, at a lower cost, and with a higher level of confidence.

Quick Facts

  • Illumiti is a member of United VARs, which is an SAP platinum partner
  • Awarded the SAP® Business All-in-One Partner of the Year, Canada − 5 years running
  • Over 350 SAP Consultants with an average of 10+ years of experience
  • Serve 200 customers across many industry sectors
  • Completed over 115 SAP implementations since 2000
  • SAP Platinum Partner

SAP Partner - Platinum

Illumiti is a member of United VARs which is an SAP platinum partner