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Today’s environment for construction companies is tougher than ever before. Tight margins, intense competition, and demands for faster completion times are increasing risks and putting enormous pressure on Construction and Engineering firms. At the same time, your company’s cash position and liquidity are crucial to success and growth. Globalization creates new challenges with even more competition and increased project complexity. It’s harder to communicate with partners, vendors, and customers across time zones and language barriers. In this highly competitive market where margins are constantly under pressure, finding software solutions that support operational excellence combined with greater efficiency is key to achieving profitability.

Sharpen your Competitive Edge with SAP Software for Construction
Gain competitive advantage and keep projects on track by leveraging SAP. Integrated SAP solutions for construction and engineering span the entire project lifecycle. From planning and design to project management to operations, SAP software solutions provide the comprehensive enterprise-wide visibility you need to excel. And they can help you interact with strategic partners, key stakeholders, manage documents, and track the shipment and quality of materials for greater control.

Illumiti and SAP for the Construction Industry
Illumiti can help your firm achieve optimized operations in the key areas at the core of your construction business, by implementing custom-fit SAP® systems. Illumiti’s experience in this industry has taught us that in today’s market companies need to increase collaboration with subcontractors, owners and vendors. Using SAP’s best practices Illumiti delivers a pre-configured solution designed to streamline your businesses for maximum efficiency.

SAP for EC&O Whiteboard: Overview Video
Watch a high-level summary of SAP’s value proposition and solutions for the engineering, construction, and operations industry – covering applications, analytics, mobile, cloud, database, and technology categories.

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Webinar Recording: Enabling Insight into Strategic and Operational Performance

SAP Performance Analytics for Engineering, Construction, and Operations

SAP Webinar

Learn how SAP Software can enable you to:

  • Improve project profitability with more visibility into execution and productivity issues
  • Gain better business planning via insights into performance of lines of work and business units
  • Support best practices for strategic and operational performance management
  • Enhance agility and competitiveness due to fast information analysis and optimal decision making
  • Gain quick ROI thanks to rapid deployment