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Harvard Business Review: How mobility is changing the Enterprise

WITH THE BOOM in smartphones and tablets, we are in the vortex of the technological shift from Mobile 1.0 to Mobile 2.0.

The zenith of the Mobile 1.0 explosion came late in 2008, when the sales of laptops surpassed the sales of desktop PCs for the first time. Enterprises had long before begun outfitting what they called “road warriors” with laptops—salespeople, field support personnel, and on-the-go executives—giving them access to inventory, documentation, and other databases. Simple wireless antennas, followed by built-in Wi-Fi, coupled with virtual private network software, made logging on anywhere and anytime almost as easy as it was in an office.

Later enterprises realized that by outfitting even more employees with laptop computers instead of desktop computers, even traditional office workers could improve their productivity. Employees could collaborate in conference rooms, in the offices of partners and suppliers, and in airports, no matter where their work took them.

History is about to repeat itself. Sometime in 2015, according to a Forrester Research forecast,1 the sales of tablets will overtake laptops. If Mobile 1.0 was about the extension of corporate data to mobile devices, Mobile 2.0 is about innovation and transformation.

Lean how other organizations are planning on leveraging the power of mobile moving forward.

This thought leadership piece includes results of a survey of 140 business executives on key decisions facing their organization around the future of mobility.

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