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SAP Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence provides intuitive and insightful business intelligence for small and mid-sized companies. From ad-hoc reporting and analysis to automated, on the fly discovery of relevant data, SAP Business Intelligence helps provide immediate answers to critical business questions. Using SAP BI, you can you can truly understand how your company is performing from every angle. Whether you are looking to increase revenue or reduce cost, Business Intelligence can break down your information silos and increase collaboration between your suppliers, back office, front office, warehouse, and customer service.

Get On The Right Path With Illumiti’s BI Workshop

Illumiti has developed an interactive two-day workshop that helps small and mid-sized companies explore ways to improve their business intelligence systems. Through our business intelligence workshop, we work with your management team to examine your current requirements, build a vision for the future, and a roadmap to get there. We will lead your management team through a series of discussions that will allow you to:

  • Gain insights into how to best use SAP to capture your daily metrics as they relate to production statistics, equipment availability and any other identifiable key measurables;
  • Identify opportunities to automate the process for this capture using the tools that Illumiti has already implemented for similar companies;
  • Identify dashboards that help maximize the benefit of your assets (availability and performance) and determine operating costs per key metric; and
  • Prioritize problem management and continuous improvement activities that help your company focus its efforts and resources on the most significant metrics affecting performance and productivity.

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