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Staff Augmentation


SAP Staff Augmentation

Highly skilled SAP consultants and project managers are in high demand and hard to find. Through our extensive network of highly experienced consultants, we are able to provide customers with the most qualified SAP resources across the gamut of SAP skillsets to help augment internal support and project teams. Our experience and reputation in the industry enables us to attract the best talent. In situations that require unique or rare skills we know where to find exactly the right specialist consultant and/or partner for your project.

What we do
Our staff augmentation initiatives range in size and scope but include the following:

Core SAP

  • FI – Financial Accounting
  • CO – Controlling
  • AM – Asset Management
  • PS – Project Systems
  • HR – Human Resources
  • PM – Plant Maintenance
  • MM – Materials Management
  • QM – Quality Management
  • PP – Production Planning
  • SD – Sales and distribution
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Technical SAP resources

  • ABAP

SAP Enterprise

  • SAP Web Application Server
  • SAP R/3 Enterprise Extensions
  • SAP Netweaver (Portals, etc.)
  • SAP BW, APO, CRM, etc.

Access to Resources
With over 350 SAP consultants operating throughout North America, our team can provide the resources you need to achieve your objectives. In addition to our in-house resources, we also enjoy longstanding relationships with many senior consultants who have collaborated on projects over the life of a company, often on multiple initiatives for a single client. This partnership is one of our differentiating factors in the consulting marketplace: we use senior consultants with whom we have worked directly or have been referred by a trusted source. Our average consultant has over 10+ years of experience working with SAP. We make a point of expanding our relationships almost exclusively through referrals to ensure the overall quality of our resource pool. For new professionals, we conduct rigorous interviews to gain a strong understanding of their skills and ensure that they will meet our high stands of technical and customer service excellence.

Quality Assurance & Account Management
Our first priority is quality assurance and control. We understand the importance of delivering top quality and leveraging the most experienced resources. We maintain a rigorous recruitment process and screen all of our applicants, not only for their technical and business skills, but for soft skills related to working with others. We know that strong facilitation skills, clear communication, collaboration and adaptability are essential to ensuring swift integration into new project environments and client culture and interacting positively with all stakeholders.
Each staff augmentation team is led by an Account Manager who  acts as the primary point of contact for the customer and consultants. We provide access to our knowledgebase and demo system to each consultant to ensure that he/she has all of the resources needed to conduct research and meet all client deliverables. If more information is required, access to other consultants who may provide guidance is made available.

Customer Service
Illumiti is committed to providing top notch customer service.   We begin each relationship by meeting with our client to understand their needs and objectives. We then work closely with you to build a team of consultants, or simply an individual consultant, that best suits your needs. Our teams collaborate closely with you throughout every project or initiative to ensure that your expectations are met. We take great pride in ensuring open and transparent communication – as we believe this is at the core of strong customer relationships.
We also have a strong customer satisfaction program that includes regular outreach and discussions with our clients and an annual check-in meeting designed to identify areas for improvement. In the event that circumstances arise where a particular expertise is needed at moment’s notice we have the talent pool to address our clients’ needs by the next business day.