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Turnkey Projects


SAP ERP Implementation & Turnkey Project Services

At Illumiti, we take great pride helping our customers find the best SAP® ERP solution to meet their needs and working hand-in-hand to implement and tailor their solution, on-time and on-budget. Our team of SAP consultants has experience implementing a wide range of SAP software including SAP Business All-in-One, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Business One and SAP Business Objects. We know the ins and outs of each solution and how to help clients maximize their potential.

We encourage our customers to baseline and benchmark their current performance before embarking on their SAP implementation. Key performance indicators to measure and track are selected based on their alignment with the company’s overall strategy. Baselining enables our customers to answer “What value did I achieve from my investment in SAP?” as well as measures if initiatives implemented are moving the company closer to its’ goals. Benchmarking allows our clients to gauge their current performance with respect to their peers based on industry, region and size. The output of benchmarking helps highlight where the company is lagging, where it excels and provides direction for which processes the company should focus on for their implementation.

Our intent is to become your partner in continuous improvement. We do not believe the relationship ends at the end of the SAP implementation. Approximately 9 months after go-live we will approach you to measure the same key performance indicators to determine the impact of the SAP implementation. We will determine what has improved and what if anything requires corrective action. We recommend a schedule of performing these measurements every 6 months. Once you feel your system is stable and are ready to take the next step to improve your system we recommend our Value Assessment offering to maximize the return on your SAP investment. Through the use of job shadowing, process workshops, a technical and reporting review we will build a roadmap of prioritized recommendations that may include training, additional SAP functionality and additional process and technical solutions for you to consider implementing to take your SAP system to the next level. Approximately 6 months after these recommendations are implemented we will measure your performance again and the cycle of continuous improvement continues.

Expand Internationally

Our team works hand-in-hand with clients to help them build the SAP® solutions they need to expand and carry on operations around the world. We have extensive experience in international implementations including working with companies with operations in the US, Mexico, Canada, South America, Europe, South Africa, Australia and China. We understand the complexities of doing business abroad. Our team has a strong track record, helping clients manage challenges associated with doing business in multiple jurisdictions with different languages, tax laws and currencies.

Actionable Data

Our team works with clients to implement SAP® solutions that ensure they receive the actionable data they need to manage their business operations and gain strategic advantage. We help clients build solutions that ensure complete synchronization of systems and focuses attention on business critical data. Our solutions enable clients to increase the accuracy of their data and capture the data in a timely manner.

Improve Decisions

Our team works with clients to implement solutions that capture business critical data in real-time, providing them with the information they need to make decisions on the fly and maximize the potential of their operations. We have considerable experience developing strategy and building business rules to alert our clients of important operational developments quickly – before it is too late to act.

Add Functionality

Our team works with clients to identify and implement the SAP® modules that will best support the evolving needs of their changing operations. SAP has a comprehensive selection of modules that help clients with many different aspects of their business operations. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to find the modules that will be most beneficial to their operations and to customize solutions to meet their needs.

Meet Standards

Our team helps clients update their SAP® solutions and ensure they comply with all relevant standards and regulations. We help clients build solutions that ensure that they meet their regulatory obligations in a wide range of areas ranging from: environmental legislation, health and safety legislation, payroll regulations and SOX compliance to name a few. Today’s business environment is more complex, and more regulated than ever before. We can help you stay onside and minimize the risks of doing business domestically or abroad.

Support IT

We work closely with our clients to provide them with the SAP® IT support they need. Given the functional breadth of SAP, a business needs many skillsets to maximize the return on investment in the software. It can be a significant cost to hire resources internally due to the specialized nature of the skillset. At Illumiti, we provide all of the support companies need. We have a number of support models from ad hoc to fully outsourced support with dedicated on site resources and a selection of available SLAs. Our goal is simple – to provide excellent support services while helping our clients reduce the IT cost of ownership of SAP software.

Keep Up To Date

SAP® is one of the world’s most innovative software companies. We work with customers to help leverage the latest technologies to improve their operations. Illumiti offers complete SAP upgrade services, managed and staffed by our senior consulting team. We can also augment your internal team with the required consultants to support your upgrade project. In both cases we help you ensure fast, low risk upgrades to the latest releases of ECC, BI, CRM, SRM, SCM, PLM or other SAP modules and solutions in your IT portfolio.