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Illumiti Recruiting Event

How will
your story at
Illumiti begin?

Illumiti Recruiting Event | August 11th, 2020 | 5:00 PM ET


Begin Your Story | Recruiting Event

This virtual event will give you an opportunity to connect and engage with our amazing team here at Illumiti. Hear how they began their journey at Illumiti and discover what attracted them to their role, the lessons they learned and how their careers have developed.

Our event will begin with a panel discussion featuring a variety of speakers including our CEO and Founder Nir Orbach. Following the panel discussion we will host break out sessions with each of our speakers to give participants the opportunity to speak with them in a smaller group setting. We will then cap off the event with some closing remarks and next steps you can take with Illumiti.


Nir Orbach,
CEO and Founder

Stephen Thomas ,
Vice President,
Consulting and Solutions

Gwyneth Bernal
Consulting Director,
Technical Development and BI

Ashlyn Fleming -Berry,
HCM Consultant

Elizabeth Isack,
SAP Technical Consultant

What we’re doing

We believe the most significant challenge companies face today – particularly large and established global businesses – is the constant state of change in an ever-evolving economy of experience, as it requires organizations to innovate and grow, compete, and drive value.

How we stand out

We combine experience, design, technology development, and strategy in all stages of the business lifecycle with services that outcompete others in quality, speed, and value. We realize all of this with our model of smarter, faster, and leaner—with preconfigured templates for our core industries and a proven methodology.

What you’ll do

Surrounded by like-minded, brilliant, and ambitious people, you’ll be doing your best work ever, and learning every single day. You’ll get involved, you’ll take control, and you’ll learn to lead. You may even drop the ball, but there’ll be someone there to help you up and dust you off, so you can continue to grow into the best possible version of yourself.

Culture reigns

We’re an organization that’s made up of honesty and understanding, and we’re curious about people, our clients’ businesses, and the world around us. By making company culture a main business strategy and a top priority, we’re witnessing positive changes—watching our employees flourish and witnessing greater employee engagement and personal growth, all of which contributes

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Diverse in people, experiences, and perspectives, we are positively impacting our clients with an amazing team

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