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Our origin story

A start-up mentality
rich in history
and experience

During the past twenty years, we’ve proven our worth and quality by putting our clients first—always guiding them into a strong, competitive, and long-term position. We avoid speculation and templated solutions and deliver innovative thinking to improve the human experience for their employees and to help their business grow.

The beginnings

How does a consultancy with 20 years under its belt invent the new normal? Considering our past and addressing the present, we take great care in building a consultancy firm that leads with curiosity, courage, and optimism as we move toward the future.

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Our name

To illuminate, to clarify, to explain. The essence behind the meaning of our organization’s name aligns with a mission to deliver clarity and insight for our clients, and assisting them in realizing their unique visions. To illuminate also means to “light up,” a connection to our founder’s last name, which in Hebrew means “there’s a light in you.” Our name reflects our entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to using innovation as the roadmap for propelling our clients forward.

Passion with purpose

We’ve created a company with the purpose to make technology matter. With our breathe of experience and industry intelligence—arguably unmatched by competitors—we’re eager to face challenges. Uniquely positioned to change the landscape for the better, we’re making SAP solutions more relevant for organizations of all sizes through the responsible use of strategy, business acumen, and technology. And by responsible, we mean accountable—we are wholeheartedly invested in your success.

Your story
matters, too.

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