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Employee Experience

Employee Experience Management

Reduce attrition, retain and develop employees, drive engagement, optimize benefits, and increase workforce productivity.

Identify the ideal benefits package

  • Experimentation using conjoint analysis surveys
  • Enhanced offerings by segments
  • Stronger total rewards programs

Deepen insights

  • Event-based triggers
  • Preconfigured and customizable dashboards
  • Embedded and tailored reports
  • Statistical key driver analysis

Improve engagement

  • Flexible survey creation
  • Role-based dashboards and reporting
  • Built-in, customizable impact reports
  • Guided action planning

Improve employee engagement by optimizing the employee experience

To keep up with changing employee needs and expectations, your employee experience management solutions must enable you to monitor, measure, and analyze experiences in real time.

Great minds think alike

We collaborate with various types of organizations to explore the brilliance in everything they do, and provide opportunities that change the way they feel about change.

  • MSX International
  • United Bank
  • Stornoway
  • GOJO
  • Descartes
  • Branch Group

The team

Discovering the brilliance of people and watching them do incredible things is amazing to watch. It’s enlightening. And I’m surrounded by brilliant people who do incredible things every day. Helping organizations realize their own possibilities and generating optimism is the reason why I have such an appreciation for human experience management—it’s all about the endless possibilities of technology to empower people.

Rebecca Murray

Managing Partner and SAP
SuccessFactors Expert, Illumiti HCM


At Illumiti HCM, we help our clients embrace the revolution in human capital management—with SAP SuccessFactors, we’re reimagining the human resources platform to put people first. We’re here to help clients improve the employee experience, create an environment that fosters health and wellness, and establish a foundation for one’s work life and personal life to function together, in balance. It’s all about building a better workforce that puts your people first.

Mark Hester

Managing Partner and SAP
SuccessFactors Expert, Illumiti HCM

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