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Since 1985, Gemsen began as a consumer electronics distributor focused on car stereos. Today, Gemsen is a leading consumer electronics and home audio electronics distributor with businesses in home automation, merchandise and apparel.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Out grew old system “Sage Business Vision”
  • Opportunity to move from a subscription based software to owning the licenses
  • New OES government regulations required more detailed reporting on the taxes required for recycling of electronic related products that the current system could not achieve
  • Gain quick access to real-time data on inventory levels and SKU performance by property and category
  • No integration with backend ERP system and eCommerce web store

Why SAP and Illumiti

  • Illumiti’s deep industry expertise, proven track record and ability to provide a plethora of references solidified our decision in selecting them as our implementation partner.
  • Reliable and quick service from Illumiti, who consistently met and communicated expectations and concerns
  • Execution of a company-wide integrated business transformation on a single platform more reliable business processes through best practices and standardization
  • SAP Business One open the opportunity to review SKU performance on a detailed SKU level to assist in better decision making

After the Implementation of SAP Business One

  • Data transparency, real-time access, and ad-hoc reporting through SAP Business One allowing for detailed SKU level reporting by properties
  • SAP Business One seamlessly integrates with e-commerce solution
  • Gained the ability to back date and change information on a SKU level
  • Utilization of bar code scanning devices reduced data entry errors and significantly increased efficiencies across the warehouse
  • Ability to add a new property to a SKU and run a report on the SKU performance based on the property