Gourmet Settings

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Gourmet Settings

Gourmet Settings improves operational efficiency and customer service by implementing SAP® Business One

Since its founding in 1994, Gourmet Settings has been partnering with retailers to bring design-driven solutions to the table. It is their great people, their meticulous methodology, and their pursuit of innovative solutions, manufacturing and packaging processes that sets them apart. Gourmet Settings works with retailers in Canada, the US, Mexico, the UK, France and Taiwan. It is owned by President & CEO Hildy Abrams.

The Business Situation
Having successfully grown its business for several years, Gourmet Settings (GS) was burdened by the limitations of a business accounting system that could no longer support its needs. With business entities in both the US and Canada—requiring the ability to deal with different currencies and regulatory requirements—GS was obliged to deploy two separate implementations of its legacy system, resulting in extensive manual consolidation activities at year-end.

Continued business growth, relationships with business partners across the globe, and a drive for more efficient operations all drove GS to seek an integrated solution that would enable it to leverage a single implementation and database across its entire operation, eliminating non-value added administrative tasks. GS further sought to reduce the number of IT components from different vendors, and the associated integration effort required to make these separate components work together. Moreover, GS wanted improved flexibility in the tracking and reporting of business performance.

The Solution
Illumiti provided GS with a working SAP® Business One solution, including Financials, Production, a third-party warehouse interface, and international EDI transactions, implemented via add-on.

The solution’s G/L and financial transactions cater to GS’s multicurrency business environment, and provide automated support for Bills of Material (BOMs), Production Orders, Receipts from Production, Purchasing, Payments, Distribution and Warehousing. Moreover, the Financial Management module in SAP® Business One enables GS to perform project accounting as well as expense allocation between projects—supporting GS’s need to control costs at the customer project level, as well as the need to accurately present eligible R&D costs for SR&ED (Canadian government) grants.

A key component of the GS business model, sales-driven allowances are appropriately handled within SAP® Business One, enabling GS to benefit from accurate customer-profitability figures for each individual customer.

Another key capability implemented by GS is customization of documents for optimal communication with third-party warehouses. In addition, GS performs Logistics reporting (e.g. order tracking), Sales reporting with item-level drilldowns, and easy wizard-based generation of delivery documents from orders; invoices from delivery documents, etc.

SAP® Business One provides GS with a comprehensive suite of functions to support future business growth. GS plans to activate MRP and other available functionality in future implementation phases.

An estimated 25% improvement in operational efficiency / productivity

  • Improved customer service levels
  • Ability to make decisions based on accurate and up-to-date business information across the entire operation, without reliance on numerous spreadsheets
  • Ability to view consolidated business performance figures and to easily drill down into more detailed information
  • Availability of project cost and customer profitability information
  • Simplified IT environment


“I would recommend SAP® Business One and Illumiti to someone else in a heartbeat. I like things that are efficient, highly intuitive and inclusive. This software really meets those criteria, and the personal contact with our (SAP) partner is an important bonus.”

Hildy Abrams, President & CEO, Gourmet Settings