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The Project

Multimatic selected Illumiti to assist with the implementation of their SAP Business All-in-One solution, to support business operations and compliance, employing an integrated, scalable application. This is their story.

The Client

Toronto-based Multimatic is a privately-held supplier of components, systems and engineering services to the global automotive industry. With manufacturing operations and engineering facilities in over ten countries, Multimatic is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to its customers in the major automotive markets around the world.

The Business Situation

As a growing supplier to the automotive industry, Multimatic has increasingly expanded its operations internationally in recent years. What started as a Canadian company, has now grown into a global enterprise with manufacturing operations and engineering facilities in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as alliance relationships with partners around the world. To be better able to handle its far reaching operational and reporting requirements, Multimatic’s management team decided the time was right for a new ERP system.


Multimatic evaluated over a dozen different ERP systems to identify the product that would best suit their needs. After a comprehensive assessment process, the choice was clear. Multimatic selected the SAP Business All-in-One solution and Illumiti as its implementation partner.

“We were looking for a solution that could handle our existing international operations and also one that could scale as we continue to grow. We found that SAP Business All-in-One was the right solution for us. SAP had the features, language packs and regionalization’s that we needed to grow in a global marketplace” Geoff Suddard – Director of IT, Multimatic

Why Illumiti?

As a longstanding, successful company, Multimatic already had many best practices in place and was seeking an implementation partner that could collaborate with the existing in-house team and help pull everything together into a single overarching platform.

“One of the key elements we looked for in a partner was a flexible implementation methodology. Our team wanted to retain ownership of the project and take responsibility for the implementation using Illumiti as a training and technical resource. Illumiti was able to provide the right resources and adapt their processes to support this methodology. This strategy not only resulted in a successful implementation but also helped our team be more self-sufficient post go-live” Geoff Suddard – Director of IT, Multimatic

The Implementation and Results

Through careful planning and collaboration with Illumiti followed by a very intensive, focused deployment phase, Multimatic’s SAP implementation was completed on time and under budget with little or no disruption to operations. As part of the All-in-One solution, Multimatic chose to implement the following modules: FICO, Production Planning, Materials Management, Sales Distribution, and Plant Maintenance.

Key to Success: Detailed Blueprint:

“A number of factors were key to the success of the implementation. One of these was making sure the blueprint phase was in-depth and detailed. A software blueprint is no different than a part or machine blueprint, in that it must be very detailed and accurate. Our SAP blueprint mapped every function, screen and field from our legacy system to its equivalent in SAP. Interfaces to peripheral systems were mapped out to the field level, including the methodology and frequency of update. This process made the blueprint phase take longer than expected, but resulted in a shorter realization phase with little or no re-work.” Geoff Suddard – Director of IT, Multimatic

Knowledge Transfer

“We have a strong in-house IT team and we wanted this project to be a learning experience for the team. Illumiti did a great job acting as a knowledge resource and a teaching arm, supporting us as we completed much of the implementation on our own. Our team members were fully involved and learned a great deal through the implementation. We are now well on our way to becoming self-supporting.” Geoff Suddard – Director of IT, Multimatic