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Robinson Solutions

Robinson Solutions Using SAP Business ByDesign to Empower Future Growth

Robinson Solutions Inc. (RSI) provides a range of facilities and technical maintenance services to companies in the automotive manufacturing industry. While the company offers both standard

maintenance and on-demand services, it is their flexibility, responsiveness, and strong customer relationships that drive their competitive advantage. In order to continue building on their successes, RSI is committed to leveraging technology to become more effective and to provide more client value.

A Drive to do More, More Efficiently

For over 20 years, RSI has been committed to providing high quality and responsive services. As its clients’ needs have evolved, they have been quick to adapt in order to respond to changing demands. In recent years, however, they realized that technology was quickly becoming a barrier to their customer service and growth goals. RSI recognized that their accounting package was disconnected from operations and had challenges around fundamental business processes. RSI believed that a cloud-based ERP system would help maximize operational

efficiencies, enable better decision making, enhance service delivery and client value, and support organizational growth over time.

Recognizing the Business Case for SAP Business ByDesign

While RSI examined a number of ERP options, it became apparent quickly that SAP Business ByDesign was the technology most suited to fulfilling their needs. The solution’s cloud-first design made it nimble, flexible, and scalable. ByD was also well aligned with the needs of a small or medium-sized business. The fact RSI was already using SAP Success Factors also made ByD a strong choice. Building off the same base would make integrating the two solutions simpler than other options. RSI also realized that SAP’s open APIs would make it easier to link with other cloud-based solutions in the future.

Illumiti: A Knowledgeable Partner Willing to Put RSI’s Needs First

RSI knew it would need assistance implementing SAP Business ByDesign. The company investigated a number of different companies able to help with implementation, but one local firm stood out as truly focusing on their needs: Illumiti.

As a local company, Illumiti had the ability to support the implementation easily. With little travel involved, Illumiti was able to hit the ground running on the project and was readily available to help manage issues as they arose.

Rather than suggesting a standard implementation process, Illumiti also worked to fully understand RSI’s business and their operational and implementation needs before developing a targeted implementation plan.

Navigating the SAP Business ByDesign Implementation

The implementation timetable for SAP Business ByDesign was aggressive – spanning a five-month period. Implementation was made more complicated by two new RSI team members in

critical project roles. Yet, despite the project timelines and new internal project leads, the two-phased implementation process was very smooth.

The biggest challenges faced by RSI during Phase 1 of the implementation related to change management. For example, the original system used batch processing, making the transition to a live system disconcerting for staff. This meant RSI and Illumiti needed to focus change efforts on getting employees confident in the new system.

RSI faced more significant challenges during Phase 2 of the implementation – no surprise given Phase 2 involved five sites, a greater number of key users, and the need integrate master data

spread across multiple locations. Despite the added challenges, RSI was able to complete Phase 2 on schedule.

Achieving Big Benefits Right From the Get-Go

RSI gained a number of immediate benefits from the transition to SAP Business ByDesign, including more efficient inter-company reconciliations, access to real-time data for decision making, and a significantly enhanced ability to report on key data (e.g. purchase orders, GL costs, vendor invoice amounts against contract amounts). The use of a single integrated system rather than three disparate systems also helped streamline activities – including A/P, which had previously been outsourced.

The new ERP system also enabled RSI to improve clarity in cost assignment by originating the work at the site. An accountant was assigned to each team for the site’s financial statements.

This proved to be a more efficient process than trying to manage accounts centrally, where staff might not be as knowledgeable about the plant’s specific activities. It also allowed for more timely intervention in cost management of ongoing projects.

As a result of the new system, RSI was also able to shorten their month-end close process, enhance and standardize controls over procurement, and shorten their audit prep time by several weeks.

Ready for Future Growth

With SAP Business ByDesign, RSI is well prepared for the future. As RSI continues to pursue growth opportunities, particularly in the US market, they knows it has an ERP that will enable it to continue to grow and to expand its service offerings for many years to come.

The company investigated a number of different companies able to help with implementation, but one local firm stood out as truly focusing on their needs: Illumiti.