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Industrial machinery and components

Transform your IM&C company into an intelligent enterprise with SAP Solutions

In today’s global economy, companies in the industrial machinery and components (IM&C) sector face a number of challenges: rising operational costs, supply chain disruptions, and increasingly demanding customers. Despite these challenges, component manufactures are finding new ways to optimize growth and cost savings through digital manufacturing, assembly, and service.

Your SAP investments must provide a wide assortment of benefits and features that will help you meet the ever-growing challenges you face.

  • Maximize efficiencies and easily perform stages of your manufacturing process
  • Support the functionalities of your sales teams—orders and processing.
  • Seamlessly and easily manage sales quotation, shipping needs, and invoicing
  • Inventory management functionalities like scanning, printing, and tracking of lots and batches
  • Ensuring quality assurance processes are always performing optimally

As more IM&C companies go digital, they are deriving value from top line growth through better solutions that help them be more proactive and more responsive while saving time and money, and increasing customer satisfaction. Using SAP’s pre-delivered content, based on best practices, Illumiti will help your organization maximize these results by delivering a pre-configured solution designed to streamline your business for maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and customer experience.

Our solution is designed for small to medium sized enterprises and leverages the power of SAP S/4HANA, a product designed for rapid implementation and simple user experience. With our understanding of the IM&C sector, lower implementation costs and shorter implementation cycles, we help customers realize their vision with the benefits of this industry leading solution in a faster, smarter, and leaner way.

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