Building Materials

SAP Software for Building Materials Companies

In today’s global economy, building material companies face a number of growing challenges of exacting specifications, customer demands for faster and flexible response times, operation maintenance and cost planning. In spite of these challenges, many companies continue to have separate systems, manual processes, and information that is not up to date, which slows down their production and sales processes.

SAP Software for building materials can help you gain competitive insights into your operations to help increase efficiency and adaptability, while streamlining operations from procurement, production to sales, order management, distribution, and transportation.

Here at Illumiti, we have the right expertise and solution that enables our clients to:

  • Leverage pre-configured processes, best practices and building material industry expertise;
  • Review pertinent processes quickly, identify gaps, and implement delta requirements;
  • Utilize pre-packaged business intelligence dashboards in addition to pre-packaged financial and operational reports;
  • Benefit from significantly reduced implementation costs and timelines.

Compete better by responding more quickly to change. SAP’s solutions give you greater insight, allowing you to confidently make decisions to improve operations or adjust your portfolio so that you can capitalize on opportunities.

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Best Run Customers

Illumiti has many years of experience working with clients in Mill Products sub-sectors such as metals, forest products, paper and packaging, building materials and textile companies. Some representative clients include:

Executive Overview – Building Materials


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