Business Intelligence Mining

Business Intelligence Mining

Mining companies today are dealing with a greater volume of information than ever before. Addressing concerns around topics such as safety, asset utilisation, environmental and country-specific regulation, means that managing large global mining operations is an extremely complicated business. To achieve success in this competitive sector, management must have a strong grasp on all aspects of their business – from their day-to-day production statistics to equipment breakdown rates and capital project progress against budgets. Managing such varied operations can be a challenge.

Achieve remarkable results with Illumiti’s Mining Business Intelligence solution
Illumiti has developed a unique offering that can help your mining company gain the insight you need to make critical decisions. Illumiti’s Mining Business Intelligence solution can help you answer:

Underlying Earnings

What is the underlying business performance of your mining operation?

Total shareholder return

How is your company performing in terms of shareholder wealth generation?

Net Debt

How is your net debt being reduced over time?

All Injury Frequency Rate

What is your total number of injuries per 200,000 workers, and how has that trended over the last year?

Capital expenditure

Capital Expenditure tracks new and continuing investment in value adding sustaining and growth projects – how many of these projects have been initiated and how are they tracking against budget?

Operating cash flows and costs

What are the operating costs for the mine as a cost per amount of ore mined and amount of metal recovered?

Percentage of metal recovery

What % of metal is recovered versus ore mined?

Equipment Efficiency

How can you minimize equipment idling and breakdowns?

Mine Productivity

How do the productions levels of each of our mines compare?

Using Illumiti’s Mining Business Intelligence, we can help your mining company build the solution you need to answer these and other critical questions, quickly and efficiently. Our solution is based on best practices we’ve built over the past 10 years working with mining companies to implement systems and processes that help lower costs and increase productivity.