Durable Goods

Durable Goods ERP Software

SAP® and Illumiti deliver a comprehensive Durable Goods Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed for rapid ROI

Business Challenge
Durable goods companies operate in an environment characterized by dynamic demand, shrinking margins and competition from manufacturers in low-cost labor markets. Rapid, lower-cost delivery of new innovative products; streamlined operations; and increasing visibility into changing customer demand patterns—have become crucial success factors. Companies also face requirements to embed compliance and product safety into core business processes and to strengthen relationships with trade partners to ensure better service and responsiveness to retailer mandates.

Make SAP Business All-in-One work for you quickly and at a surprisingly affordable price
Midsize manufacturers of durable goods seeking to be innovative, agile and operate at peak efficiencies can now choose an affordable, integrated solution. Illumiti’s Accelerated ERP for Durable Goods provides functionality that supports business processes specific to your industry, built on SAP Business All-in-One and industry Best Practices identified through thousands of SAP® implementations. We offer a proven and safe implementation approach that results in a rapid implementation with a robust system that scales to support your business as it grows.
Mid-sized companies achieve big-sized benefits with SAP: example of a US-based durable goods company with 750 employees.