SAP Software for the Metals Industry

In today’s global economy, companies in the metals industry face a number of challenges including: a growing number of government regulations, lack of integration between lines of business, supply chain disruptions, rising operational costs, and increasingly demanding customers. Yet in spite of these challenges, many companies continue to have separate systems, manual processes, and information that is not accurate.  SAP Software for the metals industry can help overcome these industry challenges by integrating your systems to gain competitive insights into your operations. SAP software can increase your efficiency and adaptability while streamlining operations across development, procurement, manufacturing, distribution and sales.

Using SAP’s best practices, Illumiti delivers a pre-configured solution designed to streamline your businesses for maximum efficiency. Our solution leverages the SAP S/4HANA product and is designed to facilitate rapid implementation of the software for small and medium sized metal companies. Our lower costs and shorter implementation cycles help our customers realize the benefits of this industry leading solution faster.


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Illumiti has many years of experience working with clients in Mill Products sub-sectors such as metals, forest products, paper and packaging, building materials and textile companies. Some representative clients include:

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