SAP Software for Manufacturing Companies

Illumiti helps manufacturers leverage SAP software to gain visibility into their operations and asset performance.  Using SAP software, we’ve helped manufacturers increase uptime, narrow process variability, control maintenance costs, react more quickly to process up-sets, and satisfy customers more consistently.  SAP enables executive team to gain greater visibility into events and processes on the shop floor.   What if a vice president of manufacturing could take in, at a glance, the real-time status of plant-floor operations in multiple locations? What if that executive could drill into operational details at a particular plant to see real-time information about production rates and yields, asset utilization, quality and safety metrics, and energy consumption and emission? Or, when seeing an exceptional situation, drill further, gaining insight into the actual performance of individual machines in a facility thousands of miles away?  With insights like these, your organization would have the ability to manage operations more effectively, improve asset utilization and plant performance, achieve higher product consistency and quality, lower costs and increase profits, deliver goods on time more reliably, and satisfy your customers more consistently. To help you realize these outcomes, look to software from SAP.

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