2014 Technology Trends for Engineering and Construction

The engineering, construction and operations industry (EC&O) has experienced seismic shifts over the past few years. A struggling economy and an evolving workforce, combined with advances in technology, have made change a necessary part of the construction firm. With that, firms have had to adapt their processes, structure, and competencies in order to continue to thrive.

Today’s environment for construction companies is tougher than ever before. Tight margins, intense competition, and demands for faster completion times are increasing risks and putting enormous pressure on Construction and Engineering firms. Part of that change has come in the form of adapting technology solutions. In 2014, construction firms should be aware of key technology trends that will allow them to be more agile, competitive, and efficient. Our report will serve to provide an overview of four key trends for 2014; Flexibility, Mobility, Talent Management, and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

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