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The CEO Perspective: Internet of Things for Wholesale Distribution

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a powerful new force that has taken the wholesale distribution industry by storm. Wholesalers are seeking creative ways to generate new revenue streams and reach new market segments and geographies faster. They are striving to optimize the customer experience and better understand customer, product, order, and line-item profitability. Wholesalers are using the IoT to acquire new customers, develop new sales channels, grow wallet share of existing customers, and increase customer loyalty.

The IoT is allowing talented companies to stretch themselves across industries, integrating ever more tightly with customers. Your customers have interests that drive interactions across the supply chain. As customers continue to look for ways to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency, distributors are making use of IoT marketing and supply chain management tools. Think of the cross-section of industries that enable just-in-time distribution. With increasingly sophisticated technology, businesses in these verticals can now enable one user experience across all interaction points and channels, creating added value for the customer and new growth opportunities.

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