Webinar: Sharpen your Competitive Edge with ERP Solutions for Construction & Engineering


Today’s environment for engineering and construction firms is tougher than ever before, with new challenges arising as projects get more complex, competition more fierce and skilled labor increasingly scarce. To succeed in the new digital world, builders need to seamlessly connect construction assets, suppliers and contractors, automate processes and synchronize equipment, labour and supply chains.

Please join us as we explore how SAP software helps construction companies in the following areas.

    • Equipment & Tools Management – Manage the requisition and dispatching of equipment to jobs, equipment utilization, and equipment profitability
    • Workforce Management – Management of the end to end employee lifecycle including items such as recruitment, dispatch, performance management
    • User Friendly Mobile Enabled Interface – Review capabilities supporting crews in the field to access the system.
    • Project Costing – Real time ability to cost a project via seamless integration between finance, procurement, inventory, maintenance and payroll.


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