Management Consulting


Management Consulting

Our Management Consulting practice offers a suite of offerings ranging from performance benchmarking to extensive process and capability roadmap development – with a singular focus: enabling our clients to improve key areas of their business by changing as few variables as possible.  Our core methodology is the Theory of Constraints (TOC) which was developed by Eliyahu Goldratt in the 1980’s.   We believe that a “Focused Simplicity” approach enables us to help clients determine what are the few elements that MUST change from the many that CAN change!

Our approach is a closed loop cycle which helps us ensure that no matter what the initiative is, we have a feedback process to allow us to course correct and ensure a process of ongoing improvement is in place. Specific engagement types include:

  • Targeted performance improvement of operational metrics, such as: due date performance (reliability), cycle time reduction (speed), inventory and AR optimization (working capital)
  • Current State / Future State development – including the development of a capability roadmap on the future state
  • Business case development
  • Value Realization benchmarking
  • Organizational Change Management

These engagements can add value at various stages of a client’s technology lifecycle – ie prior to an implementation, this can set the scope and approach parameters for the project; after implementation it can serve as validation of the business case attainment or check for where value has been realized and where there is still untapped potential.