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Mobility in the enterprise reaching its tipping point

September 20, 2012

By Dror Orbach

Has your company fully embraced mobile computing yet? Don’t feel too bad if you are not sure exactly what that even means. Hopefully, this is the year it will all start to make more sense.

In fact, many feel that 2012 will be remembered as the year companies reached a tipping point in the adoption of mobility as a critical tool for the enterprise. But so far, most of us are only on the cusp of understanding the vast extent to which enterprises will use mobility.

Mobility presents businesses with opportunities to completely rethink their existing processes and create new business models, and SAP is just one company delivering the tools that customers will need to make the most of these burgeoning opportunities, according to Usman Sheikh in this recent SAP Insider article. (

According to the article, early indicators suggest that the scope of enterprise mobility will be widespread and create incremental value, leading up to an unprecedented business impact. And that it is no longer a choice.

Three key trends converging to drive the adoption of mobility in the business world:

  • Widespread availability of broadband networks and mobile devices
  • Growth of, and easy access to, rich media content
  • Emergence of a new breed of mobile apps that serves business content in an easy-to-use, consumer-app-like experience

Sheikh points out that these trends are already having an impact on how we work. He even mentions how it changed how he was writing the article, while riding a train between two major cities, using Wi-Fi network offered by the train, and Skype to video conference with colleagues across the pond.

How has mobility had an impact on your business? How will you use it in the near future?

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