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Press Release

Illumiti’s Consulting Recruitment Event

Date: July 21, 2020

Are you ready to unleash your potential, contribute to something meaningful, and embark on the next chapter in your career? Illumiti is a leading SAP systems integration and management consulting firm, headquartered in Toronto. We work closely with our customers to realize their vision by leveraging technology, people and leading business practices. We have a reputation for delivering successful customer projects faster, smarter and leaner than our competitors.

Learn more about our growing consulting team

This virtual event will give you an opportunity to connect and engage with our amazing team here at Illumiti. Hear how they began their journey at Illumiti and discover what attracted them to their role, the lessons they learned and how their careers have developed.

Our event will begin with a panel discussion featuring a variety of speakers including our CEO and Founder Nir Orbach. Following the panel discussion we will host break out sessions with each of our speakers to give participants the opportunity to speak with them in a smaller group setting. We will then cap off the event with some closing remarks and next steps you can take with Illumiti.

For more information about this event click here

Press Release

Illumiti successfully implements for Tomlinson Group while 100% remote

Date: June 24, 2020

TORONTO, ON (June 24, 2020) – As COVID-19 continues to spread, forcing many companies to adjust the way they function, the argument for remote work to be considered an essential requirement for business continuity is gathering steam. With Illumiti, a leading SAP enterprise systems integration (ERP) company, the “experiment” of working entirely remote during the pandemic has culminated in a recent implementation for Tomlinson Group, Eastern Canada’s leader in environmental, construction, and transportation infrastructure services.

In partnership with Tomlinson since 2017, Illumiti recently completed a substantial portion of a series of phases of its SAP® S/4HANA® software. But as the global economy began to reel from the rapid spread of COVID-19 in March and the drastic measures taken to curb it, Illumiti was forced to reconsider priorities and transitioned to 100% remote work. With this recent go-live, Illumiti successfully delivered all necessary functions: financials, project management, billing, procurement and inventory management, production, human resources, payroll, plant maintenance, equipment and tools management, and product sales. This process included the execution of all user acceptance testing and the cutover to production systems for 200-plus users.

Together, Illumiti and Tomlinson chose to embrace remote work for this particular project phase. It has proven that effective remote collaboration produces quality work that used to be most commonly achieved by working in close physical proximity. The SAP solution implemented by Illumiti allowed Tomlinson to manage various facets of their business, including their construction, sewer and water, and quarries and aggregates business units. Throughout the entire process, a significant effort was placed on ensuring key business functions were mobile-enabled and simplified to ensure ease of use for employees working at actual construction sites.

“As a very forward-leaning company, adapting with the times and evolving to suit the needs of our clients, the current crisis has challenged our way of thinking,” said Nir Orbach, CEO, and founder of Illumiti. “We’ve responded effectively in a way that’s responsible. Remote work is not a new concept for Illumiti, as we’ve been providing a professional-services remote model for several years by deploying implementations for our mining clients for the simple reason that there are no other options—mines, in some cases, can be dangerous, isolated locations. We’ve been promoting remote project work to reduce the extent that our consultants need to travel. In our ERP practice areas, however, a completely remote project delivery model was uncommon for us and our clients until the pandemic began.”

With the success of this remote work initiative, there is an increased sense of confidence that this type of delivery model can uncover substantial cost savings for the client. And as Illumiti shifts away from having consultants travel to client sites, using an array of productivity and collaboration tools to enhance their functions, the company can effectively manage and communicate with clients and internal teams as effectively as they would on-site.

“Remote work is not business as usual for Tomlinson and represents an entirely new way of thinking and operating for our company,” said Ron Tomlinson, CEO of the Tomlinson Group. “But our recent experience with Illumiti has definitely changed our perspective. Although it can be a difficult adjustment for our teams, we realize and respect that business must go on, even in times of crisis. You can have the best technology in the world, but without the right resources to guide employees, engagement and productivity will suffer. By working with Illumiti, we’ve been able to leverage video conferencing and other tools to drive a richer experience and meet project milestones.”

For Illumiti, remote work has always been considered an advantage. And although challenges may arise, the company has found great success over the years with this type of delivery model.

“It’s completely natural for a client to prefer having our resources onsite,” says Orbach. “But we have found that remote work can still enable the right decisions with the right personnel. When you consider that travel expenses alone can make up 15% to 20% of a project’s budget and a certain amount of productivity can be lost because of travel, it only makes sense to consider remote options—those savings can be put to more value-added initiatives. And the overall benefits are immense: more efficient use-of-time, less travel and more project-time availability, and easier access to valuable customer support.”

“We’re leveraging more modern collaboration tools, increasing visibility and transparency, building trust, and watching everything happen in real time—this gives everyone on the project a clear view of all milestones,” Orbach says. “While traditionally performed by an in-person consultant, our specific type of professional offerings is perfect for remotely-delivered services.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an estimated 4.7 million Canadians who didn’t normally work remotely found themselves forced to telecommute to work on the week of March 22, according to figures from Statistics Canada. Additionally, in a recent Gartner, Inc. survey of 317 CFOs and finance leaders, it was revealed that 74% will move at least 5% of their previously on-site workforce to permanently remote positions post-COVID-19.

The SAP software implementation leader has more than 250 employees currently working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown and will continue to do so for the remainder of 2020. Its offices in Canada, the United States, and Switzerland will be closed until further notice, with the vast majority of the company expected to continue functioning with a digital-first mindset once the lockdown has been lifted.

“In such a very short time, our world has quickly and drastically changed. And remote work may become the new normal,” Orbach says. “As a result of the recent lockdown, we are finding that there are many advantages to working in this fashion and that the future of the office as we know it is transforming to a more digital workplace. Businesses need to embrace change and embrace a culture around it so that their employees can be empowered. With the right tools, confidence and trust will increase as businesses adapt during tough times.”

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About Tomlinson:

The Tomlinson Group of Companies is Eastern Canada’s leader in environmental, construction and transportation infrastructure services. The third-generation family-owned business is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Through six decades of growth and innovation, Tomlinson has become a fully-integrated corporation providing a large array of turnkey services to its municipal, provincial, residential and industrial customers. Tomlinson boasts a staff of over 2000 skilled professionals and tradespeople. Tomlinson’s size and streamlined, consolidated structure allows the company to retain specialized technical expertise and centralized administrative resources to implement functional quality, safety, and environmental management systems. Visit

About Illumiti:

Illumiti is a leading systems integration and management consulting company with offices in Canada, the United States, and Switzerland, serving customers globally. Its experienced team enables customers to realize their vision by leveraging the world’s leading on-premise and cloud-based business applications. By helping clients achieve optimized operations in key areas at the core of their businesses, Illumiti is implementing custom-fit solutions from SAP® and other vendors faster, at a lower cost, and at a lower risk than other alternatives. Illumiti is a member of United VARS, an SAP® Platinum Partner.

For more information, please visit:

Contact Information:
Nir Orbach, CEO of Illumiti

Press Release

COVID-19 Communication: Business Continuity As We Navigate Through COVID-19

Date: March 17, 2020

Dear clients and friends,

As we tackle an issue of incredible scale and impact, we understand the growing concern surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19) across our communities, with our hearts going out to all those who’ve been impacted. We believe it is our role and responsibility during this time to prioritize matters of importance to you and our relationship: playing an important role in the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and partners while ensuring business continuity and continued support for your operation.

We want to assure you that we are wholeheartedly committed to delivering all services, whether project related or support oriented, while managing the intricacies of this ever-changing dilemma.

Illumiti is constantly tracking conditions and making decisions informed by the latest science-based information and government announcements; and guided by Illumiti’s core values. We are taking necessary steps to ensure we help to prevent the spread of the virus and support the health and well-being of our customers and employees, and the communities in which we live, work, and play.

The following are precautionary steps we have taken in response to this developing public health impact, effectively immediately through to March 27, 2020 (inclusive):

  • All Illumiti employees must report to their managers and Human Resources if there is the slightest concern related to symptoms of cold and flu; they must also report any knowledge of specific cases of potential exposure to someone suspected of being infected with COVID-19
  • All non-essential business travel is suspended; Illumiti will only allow business travel if it is considered critical by our Delivery Vice Presidents (DVPs) and our top executive team.
  • If our people travel across national borders, we will follow the suggested protocols from the Canadian Public Health Agency and/or the US CDC and will advise them to self-isolate and work remotely for two weeks upon their return as a safety precaution.
  • Each DVP will be working with their clients and team to establish a concrete plan to effectively work remotely with minimal to no disruption to projects. Account Managers will also be communicating with clients about our ongoing customer support operations, which continue as usual.
  • In case on-site work by Illumiti employees at client premises is deemed critical, DVPs will obtain copies of clients’ policies related to COVID-19 and share them with the relevant team members.

We are immensely appreciative of your understanding. Your projects and interactions with Illumiti may look a little different over the next while as we navigate through this period together; but rest assured that we are maintaining regular operations — and we’re always looking for ways to serve you best. During this time we are recommending that our project teams that would otherwise have been on-site at our Clients’ offices, make use of the video conferencing capabilities that we have through tools like Skype, GotoMeeting or other similar tools, in order to increase the effectiveness of the interactions during this longer period of remote work.  We are additionally exploring other virtual-collaboration tools in the event that this period of restricted travel is extended further.  We will continue to update and interact with you in future as things develop.

As always, we consider ourselves privileged to serve your organization.


Nir Orbach

CEO, Illumiti Group of Companies

Press Release

Illumiti HCM Sponsors SAP’s SuccessConnect® 2019 Event in Las Vegas

Date: August 26, 2019

Illumiti HCM today announced that the company is a gold level sponsor at SAP’s annual SuccessConnect® conference – the premier event for human resources (HR) professionals, set to take place September 16-18 at the ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

SuccessConnect in Las Vegas will bring together executives and leaders in HR, IT and other lines of business to explore successful digital HR strategies in the experience economy. Hot topics will include the Human Revolution and using SAP® SuccessFactors® solutions to help bring organizations’ purpose to life, put more meaning into people’s work and create engaged workforces that improve both performance and profit.

A leading implementer for SAP SuccessFactors, Illumiti HCM’s continued cooperation with SAP is helping companies lead with purpose and transform the work experience.

Illumiti HCM will have a booth at the conference, as well as a session on the speaker schedule.

“This truly is one of the leading conferences for HR professionals looking to learn about the latest, most advanced software solutions,” said Rebecca Murray, Managing Partner, Illumiti HCM . “As a gold sponsor, we look forward to speaking with businesses that use SAP SuccessFactors about our years of experience supporting HR business transformations and getting the most of out their solutions.”

The future workplace looks very different than what we see today, from technology advancements to the changing nature of jobs, skills and careers. But no matter how much technology helps us automate, one thing will never change: people and their experiences at work make the difference. HR is more important now than ever to lead the Human Revolution and focus on what really matters: the people driving business outcomes. Because the companies that put people at the heart of their strategies will win.

To register and for more information on SuccessConnect 2019, please visit:

About Illumiti HCM

Illumiti HCM is a member of the Illumiti Group of companies, one of the leading implementors of SAP software in North America. Visit the HCM Illumiti Website for More Information.

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