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Press Release

Illumiti’s Consulting Recruitment Event

Date: July 21, 2020

Are you ready to unleash your potential, contribute to something meaningful, and embark on the next chapter in your career? Illumiti is a leading SAP systems integration and management consulting firm, headquartered in Toronto. We work closely with our customers to realize their vision by leveraging technology, people and leading business practices. We have a reputation for delivering successful customer projects faster, smarter and leaner than our competitors.

Learn more about our growing consulting team

This virtual event will give you an opportunity to connect and engage with our amazing team here at Illumiti. Hear how they began their journey at Illumiti and discover what attracted them to their role, the lessons they learned and how their careers have developed.

Our event will begin with a panel discussion featuring a variety of speakers including our CEO and Founder Nir Orbach. Following the panel discussion we will host break out sessions with each of our speakers to give participants the opportunity to speak with them in a smaller group setting. We will then cap off the event with some closing remarks and next steps you can take with Illumiti.

For more information about this event click here