SAP Business One Referral Program

Take advantage of Illumiti’s Referral Program

The Illumiti Referral Program is designed to allow partners, clients and their employees the opportunity to refer companies that they believe could benefit from the SAP Business One solution and our services. Just follow the steps below and feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions at


Follow our three step process


Submit your referral here

Our referral process is very simple, if you know a business that you feel would benefit from an SAP Solution simply provide your information in the form below and a member of our Sales Team will reach out to you to confirm your referral. Your referral will then be reviewed by our team to be qualified.

To be qualified your lead must meet the following requirements,

Have a Need for an ERP

Plan to Implement an ERP Within 1 Year

Provide Contact Name and Phone Number of the Person to Connect with for this Project.

Your lead will be qualified between 24 – 48 hours after you have been contacted by a member of our Sales Team. Once qualified our team will send you an email confirming the qualification of your lead and arrange for your payment.

*Some exceptions may apply; Employees of SAP are prohibited from participating in the Referral Program.