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A Comprehensive Cloud Business Solution for Small and Mid-sized Companies

See how SAP Business ByDesign can turn complexity into simplicity, enable you to recognize potential strategies more quickly and Gain transparency across your business.

Date: July 22, 2020
Cloud Business Solutions to Get Ahead

SAP Solution in Detail Solutions for Small Businesses and Midsize Companies

SAP Business ByDesign

Turn complexity into simplicity. Recognize potential strategies more quickly. Gain transparency across your business areas and manage them better. Respond quickly to opportunities, and meet new requirements at minimal cost. Do all this using SAP® Business ByDesign®, a comprehensive cloud solution for small and midsize enterprises that want to grow profitably while
continually optimizing their operations. You can also count on a smooth implementation and stable operations at a low total cost of ownership since SAP will manage the solution for you.

  • Gain transparency across business areas to realize further improvements, reduce costs, and optimize business
  • Adjust and expand business processes quickly and cost effectively
  • Develop new markets to reap the benefits of local and global business
  • Collaborate efficiently among your employees, partners, and customers across borders
  • Accelerate innovations throughout your company based on solid insights for long-term competitive advantage

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