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Creating a Recipe For Success

ERP implementations are a major undertaking. Learn how you can ensure your implementation remains on track and achieves all of your critical objectives.

Date: July 22, 2020
Dart hitting the target successfully

ERP implementation projects aren’t as easy as they look, and they don’t look very easy. Every year, organizations spend millions of dollars to implement different ERP solutions with the hopes that the new solutions will allow companies to scale, reduce operating expenses, or become more effective at serving customers.

Sometimes, companies fail to meet their objectives because they don’t set any. It’s hard to achieve value if you don’t know what you want to accomplish. More often, however, companies fail to realize benefits because they try and do it all, even when they don’t need to. Many companies believe that bigger is better – or in the case of ERP, that a broader solution is best. But by trying to implement every ERP option and module available, companies often create challenges that typically result in cost increases and time delays.

Why do companies want to implement more than necessary? Why change? What should change? And how should change happen?

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