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Digital Metals Business

See how digital metals businesses are shaping a digital world that reinvents customer focus, productivity, and quality.

Date: July 22, 2020
metal being cut with sparks

Digital Metals Business Inspire and shape a digital world that reinvents customer focus, productivity, and quality

Of course, change is not only defined by technology and customer expectations. The metals value chain is transforming, driven by various global trends. More and more regulations come into play, and violations not only cause fines but can also impact brand, image, and social license to operate. So staying compliant is mandatory. As energy and resource availability is limited, the focus is on more output with fewer raw materials and lower environmental impact. To support this approach, today’s smart equipment provides data that can serve as a baseline to keep assets running as efficiently as possible. Beyond the machines, there is a greater need to have a highly skilled, technology-savvy workforce. This is a challenge as the metals industry is
usually not thought of as an attractive industry to work in. Business is becoming more global, and unification of platform, data, and processes helps manage global sourcing and complex supply chains.

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