Our Team

Our Team

Our teams are guided by our commitment to delivering superior quality and consistent governance of our projects.

Coupled with that, is our ability to successfully leverage a large close-knit network of hand-picked senior independent consultants, that ensures our clients get the best skills and solutions possible. We take our commitments seriously and each engagement is overseen by one of our highly experienced executives to ensure its success.

Senior Consultants 

Illumiti delivers value for money. Our team consists of senior, focused and very skilled consultants. With this level of talent we have developed a track record of delivering projects on time and on budget while providing superior solutions that exceed our clients expectations. With Illumiti you will never be the victim of “learning on the job” by new consultants or find “new talent” injected into your project because of a need to reassign an “A-team” consultant someplace else.

Our Expertise 

Our experience and reputation in the industry enables us to attract the best talent. In situations that require unique or rare skills we know where to find exactly the right specialist consultant and/or partner for your project. Our functional consultants are business professionals who maintain unsurpassed skills and experience working with SAP. They are experienced in best practices; both conceptually and in the context of your business’ need, thereby helping you meet the fast-paced demands of today’s highly competitive marketplace. Their role is to advise you how these best practices can apply to your business and to creatively develop new solutions as your situation dictates.

Our large close-knit network of independent consultants are hand-picked and offer significant experience in their respective area of expertise and deep industry focus. These consultants work under our guidance and according to our methodology to ensure a consistent delivery approach for our customers. In this way we can bring great teams to our client engagements and ensure the excellence of our services and our client’s complete satisfaction.

Our in depth knowledge of diverse industries, SMBs, enterprise and government organizations, together with our genuine concern for our clients’ success, enable us to deliver the solutions that these businesses need. Delivering them better, faster and more cost-effectively than our competition is what we do; thereby maximizing the return on their investment.

Through innovation and adherence to the highest level of professional and ethical standards we attract the best talent and relentlessly pursue the best solutions for our clients’ business challenges. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!