Creating Value at Illumiti

Core Values

Creating Value at Illumiti

At Illumiti, our work is driven by our core values. These values guide our business decisions and are the foundation of our commitment to helping our clients, our people, and our communities succeed. We have embraced these values since our founding and continue to promote them as we grow our business with small, medium, and large entrepreneurial organizations in Canada, the US, and globally. You can rely on our team to embrace these values as we can continue to provide our clients with the services, products, insights and support they need to grow and thrive.

Our commitment is that you will work with a team that exhibits the following attributes:

  • Respect and trust for each other, our customers and our partners
  • We succeed as a team – with clarity of purpose we are helpful, proactive and avoiding finger-pointing
  • Employee care and development
  • Striving for excellence and learning from our successes & mistakes
  • Simplicity and practicality in all we do (KISS principle)
  • Roll up our sleeves and get the job done
  • Direct and honest communication style
  • Humility and openness to challenge our assumptions
  • Care for our community

Pragmatic Can Do Attitude

Obsession about understanding Customer Needs

Being Accountable

Excellence Through Teamwork

Continuous Improvement